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It's a smiley face which we would like to connect teachers to parents, bringing more smiley faces to the kids, giving them the best childhood learning experience.

Hi, welcome to the GogoKids Big family!

I always believe in making impact in people’s lives. We, as the present generation have a responsibility to shape the next generation that we would like to have.

Started as an Engineer, I’ve switched my career to education. Soft skills helped me a lot in getting through obstacles and brought me to where I am today. Throughout my journey, I’ve met a lot of kids, watching them developing their soft skill through the exposure of various activities. This has helped them to perform better in every aspect of their life.

By involving activities with different scenarios, kids will learn how to stay positive, confident, perseverance, think critically, solves problem and etc. All these skills are essential throughout their journey of growing up, and it all should start from young.

In GogoKids, we always believe that if learning is a fun thing to do, it can spark learning interest within the kid. This is what driven us in moving forward all these while.

We hope that in the journey of your kids growing up, we can be their companion in helping them to learn & grow in the fun way.

Thank you for staying with us. Have fun & Happy Learning.

Message from our Big Kid
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