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Why GogoKids

365 Days Non-Stop Brand Appearance

Ensure your brand is always in the spotlight, making a lasting impression every day of the year.


100% Targeted Audience

Reach your precise audience: young parents with kids aged 0-12 yrs old in the main cities in Malaysia.


Skyrocket Brand Visibility Across GogoKids Platforms

Boost Your Brand Appearance across diverse platforms: FB, Insta, Xiao Hong Shu, Community Group, Tik Tok, and more.


Drive Enrolment with Lead Generation Campaign

Strategically boost enrolments, creating awareness and attracting more parents to enquire your programme.


On-Ground Community Reachout

Physically connect with the community, beyond digital platforms, to create a real-world connections


Unlock VIP access to Exclusive Member Benefits

Enjoy priority access to a range of exclusive benefits, maximizing the value of your partnership with GogoKids.

Our Statistics

We interact with over 1,000,000 parents.
Parents aged from 25-44 with kids 0-12 year-old
Our GogoProviders
What Teachers Say

We have been working with GogoKids for more than a year. Thanks to GogoKids, we managed to work closely in Kindergarten. A very good experience working with them, helpful and responsive staffs. We looking forward for more collaborations in the future.

- Manda Learning Centre

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