Wondering about the cost of sending your child to an international school in Malaysia? You’re not alone. International schools offer a world-class education, but the price tag can be substantial. This guide by GogoKids will unveil the international school fees in Malaysia, giving you a clearer picture of what to expect. We’ll explore fees across different schools, highlight additional costs, and provide tips for navigating the application process.

Understanding International School Fees in Malaysia

International school fees in Malaysia can vary widely based on factors such as the school’s location, reputation, and curriculum. Typically, fees are higher in urban areas like Kuala Lumpur compared to smaller towns. Below is an overview of estimated fees for different year groups across five notable international schools, with links to their websites for reference. 

*Please note that these fees may not be the most current, and it’s advisable to visit the schools’ websites for the latest information:

1. Sri Emas International School:

The school offers an innovative and affordable international education with an emphasis on creativity and critical thinking. Their curriculum blends the British National Curriculum with the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP). 

  • Primary (Years 1-6): RM 25,000 – RM 30,000
  • Secondary (Years 7-11): RM 30,000 – RM 35,000
  • Sixth Form (Years 12-13): RM 35,000 – RM 40,000

2. Nexus International School

Nexus International School focuses on providing an innovative learning environment that fosters critical thinking and global mindedness. They offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum from Primary Years to Diploma Programme.

  • Early Years: RM 35,000
  • Primary: RM 45,000 – RM 50,000
  • Secondary: RM 55,000 – RM 60,000
  • IB Diploma: RM 65,000 – RM 70,000

3. Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)

AISM emphasises strong academic preparation for global universities following Australian education standards. They use the New South Wales (NSW) curriculum, leading to the HSC qualification. 

  • Foundation Year: RM 40,000
  • Primary: RM 50,000 – RM 55,000
  • Secondary: RM 60,000 – RM 65,000
  • Year 12: RM 70,000 – RM 75,000

4. The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

ISKL provides a comprehensive American-style education with a strong international perspective. They follow an American curriculum with an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma option.

  • Early Years: RM 40,000
  • Elementary: RM 65,000 – RM 70,000
  • Middle School: RM 75,000 – RM 80,000
  • High School: RM 85,000 – RM 90,000

5. UCSI International School

UCSI focuses on holistic education, balancing academic excellence with character development. They offer a British curriculum leading to IGCSE and A-Levels.

  • Primary: RM 30,000 – RM 35,000
  • Secondary: RM 35,000 – RM 40,000
  • A-Levels: RM 45,000 – RM 50,000

Please note that these fees are estimates and may not reflect the most current pricing. It’s advisable to visit the schools’ websites or contact them directly for the latest information.

Additional Costs to Consider

While tuition fees are a significant factor, remember there are additional costs associated with international schools in Malaysia. These may include:

  • Registration fees: A one-time fee payable upon enrolment.
  • Entrance assessments: Some schools require students to take entrance exams, which may incur a fee.
  • Uniforms: Most international schools have a mandatory uniform policy.
  • Lunch and transportation: These services may be offered by the school for an additional fee.
  • Activity fees: Participation in extracurricular activities often requires an additional fee.
  • Technology fees: Some schools charge for laptops or tablets.
  • Deposit: Some schools require a refundable deposit upon enrolment.

Finding the Right International School

Now that you have a better understanding of international school fees in Malaysia, it’s time to find the perfect fit for your child. Here are some tips:

  • Research “international schools near me”: Utilise online resources like GogoKids’ directory to explore schools in your vicinity.
  • Consider your child’s needs: Think about your child’s learning style and preferred curriculum.
  • Visit the schools: Schedule school tours to experience the environment and meet the staff.
  • Ask about financial aid: Some schools offer scholarships or financial aid programs.

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